Sunday, October 22, 2017


Acually there is no tips and tricks to crack the Gate exam. You should complete all subjects of syllabus and practice old test papers and Buy Vani institute Study material . Then you will definitely crack the exam and get Good rank.
Here are 10 tips on how to crack the examination and score full marks
1. Candidate should refer to the syllabus and analyse the exam pattern using previous years’ papers and prepare accordingly
2. It is important to know what to study, but it is more important to know what not to study
3. A clear understanding of the underlying concepts is a must since the questions asked in GATE exam will test the level and depth of understanding of concepts
4. As all subjects don’t have equal marks, few subjects are preferred over others
5. Make a list of topics which need to be studied based on the number of questions which have appeared from the topic in the previous years’ GATE examinations
6. Identify topics which have fetched more marks and give more importance to them during your preparation
7. Create a timetable for study of topics and follow it strictly. While studying any topic, make sure to highlight important points like key definitions, equations, derivations, theorems, laws, etc
8 Allocate preparation time to subjects based on the number and frequency of questions asked in previous examinations.
All the Best for your Exam

Friday, October 20, 2017


Dear Friends, Here are few important things that you should keep in mind before joining any coaching institute:
As per My Knowledge Vani Inistitute is best Inistitute in Hyderabad.
Vani Inistitute have branches in all over india. So many students are were taken coaching from here.
Faculty Quality: Your faculty is your mentor, 50% of the success will depend on how good your mentor is as he will be the one to guide you throughout your preparations.
Motivative Environment: For GATE exam you need to be motivated enough to do well. So, you should choose a institute which has motivating environment.
Optimal Class- Strength: Class strength matters a lot.
Advent of Digital Learning: You should avoid wasting time in travelling. Going for coaching too far will not only waste your time but also make you feel fatigue.
Post Class Support: After class when you are practicing questions or doing self study at home you may get stuck at several points. It’s not possible that faculty will be available 24/7.
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Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Dear Friends,
After I joined my, I came to know about an exam called Gate through which I could enter IITs and study there. I decided that I need to crack that and enter IITs to pursue my higher studies.
Hoy do I start My preparation:
I didn’t wait for my professors to teach me a topic. I know how they teach. (I’m not blaming them!). So, most of the time, I used to read by myself.
I took GATE coaching in 2nd and 3rd years at Vani Institute Hyderabad. When i went for the first time in 2nd year, every one was wondering how i could understand third year concepts which are not yet thought for me in my college. But i impressed even the faculty. I used to wake up at 4.30 AM and get ready and go to coaching. Reading some formulae or practice in the city bus was a routine which i used to do. In breaks at coaching too, i used to solve. This way i learned most of the concepts.
After returning from coaching in 2nd year, I studied thoroughly. Here I need to tell one thing- I never had fixed my eyes just on GATE. Learning concepts clearly was my goal. Which i achieved! I finished preparing for all the subjects by the end of 3rd year. I used to help my friends by clarifying their doubts. This way I learned still better.
By the end of 4th year 1st semester, I had revised all the subjects almost 3–4 times. I could tell the formula of all the topics in order. This I achieved not by just learning but by practicing. By a lot of practice, I could solve the problems very quickly.
I had given my exam with a very calm mind knowing that I have done every thing that has to be learnt. There was not even a single topic which i had left unprepared! I finished the entire GATE exam in 1.30 hr. For next 1 hour I did the entire paper again and remaining time for un-attempted ones! I did a few silly mistakes (nearly 6–7 marks) 😦 . Past is past. I’ve achieved a rank of 3 in EC in 2017.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Gate Coaching In India

The increasing number of aspirants for GATE is obvious from the overflowing amount of applications filled annually from different corners of the country. In that center, the Gate coaching in India training institutes are also flourishing and offering abundant resources to the candidates for their success. Good course materials, experienced faculties, and a proven track record are enough to get plenty of students admitted in just about any center. Students from various areas of the country even travel to other areas in search of good training institutes. However, in today's world of internet support for everything, it is not a big deal to find best gate coaching institutes and get started for a full-fledged preparation.
Gate coaching in India is also in huge demand as the number of aspiring students is always on a roll. Presently there is a bend towards engineering and higher education which is enticing students to seek proper training to get selected in the best universities without the wait. There are a number of training institutes in India. Private tuition's are available by highly experienced and qualified tutors. In case you are not able to travel or want to save your travelling time, then opting for online instruction is also the most feasible option. People generally prefer regular classes, nevertheless, if you are hardworking and want to continue something simultaneously, regular classes are the best option. But most of the students only prefer regular classes rather than online classes.  
The information about coaching institutes for Gate coaching in India can be collected from the internet also. You may easily check out the location of a center, its experience, and other details to take decision. It is always better to sort out the best from a list of centers. Vaniinstitute is a one-stop solution for your entire queries about the best Gate coaching in India. It really is an online website which can present the entire set of all training centers at one place. You can easily sort out the one which meets your requirements based on this reference. To find out more information visit website.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Vaniinstitute Offer GATE Coaching 2017

There are several options available for candidates who need get admission in GATE Exam. Vaniinstitute GATE Coaching 2016 is the best choice for candidate. There you get an excellent skilled faculty who teaches and encourage you to offer optimum direction with guidance during coaching and also offers study material which will help in self-study. Also, together make an effortless path get success in exam and also in career.

Vani Institute as VIET is ranked top among all GATE coaching Institute in India. VIET offer GATE 2017 online test series for CS-IT, ECE, EE, ME, CE, CH candidate who are preparing for GATE Exam 2017 Vani Institute is one the best GATE coaching institute producing top rank students every year.

Vani Institute Provide GATE 2017 Online Test Series of three types 

Ø  Practice Test
Ø  Grand Test
Ø  Mock Test

How to register for GATE 2017 Online Test Series

Ø  Visit website of
Ø  Click on Register Now link fill up the form and create your Username & your Password.
Ø  Select your desired group as engineering branch
Ø  Select the GATE 2017 Practice Test or Grand Test or Mock Test.
Ø  Upload your recent Photograph.
Ø  After this process a Confirmation E-mail will be sent to your email address.

Vani Institute Students can register directly by clicking on registration button, vani student need to enter their student ID number.After registration our backend team will verify your account and they will mail you the username and password.

Non Vani Students Pay Online Rs.1000/-

Other Students also need to register by clicking on registration link. You have to select other Student tab in registration tab. then register yourself. For next step we will mail to your register email id with instructions.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

IES Coaching In India

Indian Engineering Services exams, typically known as IES exams held on All India premise and led by Union Public Service commission (UPSC) under the Govt. of India. IES exam in India is thought to be one of the hardest exams to clear. The main goal of the IES exams is to find talented person who are well suitable for this job. The recruitments for such engineering posts are ready on the basis of merit and there is limited number of seats.
Preparation Tips for IES
  • Any other competitive exams, you should be well aware and updated with the latest news happening in India & around the world. You should daily read the national and international newspapers.
  • Students should to be very much aware of the most recent and pattern of the exam and start prepare for the exam accordingly.
  • It is strongly prescribed to write answers logically and short form instead of writing long answers. 
  • Students should not spend more time on questions which they don't know. Rather they should attempt answers to questions they know.   
  • The question paper is very tough and the difficulty level is above than average. You have to concentrate on logical aspects and more practice is required.  
  • Students should to dedicate equal time to every single subject.  Also take references from books to crack the IES exam.  
  • Students should maintain the speed in answering the entire paper. Both objective and descriptive sets of question papers are more time consuming therefore very crucial for the students to check their speed. Students can keep on checking their speed by solving number of mock papers and online test series.
  • The exam pattern of the question paper is English only and answer should to be given in English language.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Gate Online Test Series

Students have a number of choices to build their career in GATE, IES and PSU exams. To reach the desired results in any field of interest, student’s needs to do more hard work, should have perfect learning and should to begin the preparation at the soonest to cover the whole syllabus before time. It’s better to join in coaching institutes because they provide study materials for the exams, mock tests & also conduct online test series for different competitive exams to cover the entire syllabus in the right manner.
Features of GATE Online Test Series
- A best coaching institute covers whole syllabus of GATE & conduct subject-wise tests to get perfect in GATE exam preparation.
- By solving online test series, students empower themselves to inspect their performance, learning and the level of knowledge.
- Test series for GATE should be prepared by experienced faculty of coaching institute.
- Test series should cover whole syllabus as well as aptitude, reasoning, technical part with practical of engineering mathematics in accordance with final examination pattern.
- Coaching Institutes additionally guides counseling sessions for after announcement of GATE results.
- In these counseling sessions, students can choose different subjects and better colleges according to their ranks.